Sunday, 8 March 2015

Sunday! Funday .....

To end my pretty boring weekend of doing nothing on Saturday apart from coursework... 
I decided I would get up early today(Sunday) and make the most of the day! 

So I woke up early to have the kitchen all to myself and made this super yummy breakfast. 
Tropical juice 
Chai tea 
Porridge with strawberries, raspberries, coconut flakes and made with rice milk. 

Then I decided to pamper mysel! So I made a homemade face mask, it may not look amazing but it left my skin feeling soft and fresh.  It also smelt great! 
To make this face mask you will need: 
1tbsp coconut oil
1tbsp honey 
1 ripe banana 
Then mix well until all the ingredients are mixed in together, then apply to face and leave for around 15 minutes. 
I would definatly recommend this face mask to anyone and would definatly use it again. 
If you check out my Pinterest  (@drewblackley) you will see that I have posted lots of different kinds of homemade face mask,
So you can try them out for yourselves. 

I'm going to be trying out loads of different homemade face masks, so after each one I have tried I will post a blog on how good it is and If i would ever use it again.