Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Asos wishlist....

Hi, Hello, Bonjour, Hola..........(I can't think of any more ways to say hello..) wait for it... this is my fave......G'day!!!!

So Today is Tuesday and Tuesday is my day off from college and from now on I am going to try and get a new and exciting blog post every Tuesday, even if its only short and sweet.
SO here goes...

I have decided to start off with a wishlist, I have so many wishlists and I have the money for them but I just have to keep reminding myself that if I spend the money there is no flight to Australia, which I know deep down I would much rather go on.

I'm going to shut up now and get on with it...

This is my Asos wishlist:

£25 vans t-shirt
T-shit link

£15 T-shirt
High Neck T-shirt

Worlds cutest pair of shoes
Link to these cute little shoes

Cat shoes :)
Link to cat shoes

Everybody loves a denim skirt
Link to this denim skirt

Even more denim - i've always wanted a pair of dungarees......... I just love them
Link to these cuties

I love vintage- And I love this Vintage watch (heart eyed emoji)
Link to this lovely vintage watch

Got to love a backpack and I sure love this backpack with that amazing zip.............
link to this backpack

I truly love this cardholder! I love the colours.....
Link to this cardholder

My Asos wishlist is forever growing,
I love so much on the site at moment.
And even better there is up to 70% off 

Have great week guys 
big love
Drew x

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

What I did in A day...... Tuesday!

Good Afternoon everybody!
How's your day going, on this fine sunny Tuesday?

Today I thought I would share with you what I did? What I eat? and anything else I did today as it is such a beautiful day outside.

This morning I started my day with a very healthy and delicious breakfast!
I had shreddies with Rise milk, a lemon tea and juice and to finish I had avocado on toast with a scrambled egg.
To my shreddies I always add Chia seeds to them (don't worry I won't bring you to death by boredom right now about my facts on Chia seeds! I'll save that for another day hehe)

 Before I went out with my friend Rachael I had some lunch and even if I do say so myself it was a pretty damn good lunch (INSERT HEART EYED EMOJI).

It is Wholemeal bread with pesto and mozzarella, with a side salad of spinach, avocado, cucumber and tomato. Oh and seasoned with salt and pepper...... Yummmmmmmmmmmy.

Now it is time for a weekly adventure with my best friend Rachael, I mean we definitely have weird and wonderful adventures literally every week whether that is going for walks, exercising or even playing guess the song through our bedroom walls (if you haven't already guest it we are neighbors and our rooms are right next door to each other). 

But today was a pretty nice adventure, we just went for a lovely long walk with my dog Cody and we just talked the whole time;what girls do best, and I really loved it.

 Now it is time for a snack and nice warm drink, even though the sun is out it is still rather cold outside. So when we got back from our walk I had a cheeky fruit tea and a juicy apple.
And also watched who knows how many episodes of New Girl and Greys Anatomy.

Dinner Time. (Yes Finally)

For my dinner I made Sweet Potato bean burgers,Link below.
This was a super easy dinner to make but a super yummy one too. Enjoy making them.
sweet potato burger link

 Have A lovely week x
Sending you all love and Joy x
Much Love Drew, Drewella (whatever you want to call me) x

Friday, 15 January 2016

I'm ADDICTED to pinterest....

so lately, well to be completely truthful with you I'm always on pinterest and I LOVE IT!!
But over the last 6 months I hadn't really been on it that much because I had really been getting into Tumblr but my love for pinterest has returned. I have so many boards its unreal... 46 in total, But I love how organised I can be and how I can have a board for anything I want and I literally mean anything.

As it's my big birthday this year, yes I turn 18 wooooo! (but not till july so only 169 days to go, not that I'm counting down or anything) but I have been really getting into looking for cool decorations for my party, I've even created a board on pinterest ;) see told you, you can have a board for literally anything.
This s a link to my Party ideas board...

Pinterest is definitely my escape from reality! I love looking up new recipes and cool craft/decoration ideas but what I love most of all is the little bits that you can find on pinterest whether that being how to search for cheap flights or how to get rid of black heads it literally has everything you could imagine. (Gives get travel tips, will be using a lot of pinterest when getting ready for Aussie)
I also love to use pinterest to get ideas for my dream home or flat, I know that is a long way a way from now but I just love getting little ideas. 

Check out my pinterest and Leave your usernames in the comments below so I can give you a little follow back x 

Much love x
Have a magical and blessed weekend x
see you again soon x

Sunday, 3 January 2016

What I got for Christmas...

So Christmas was just over a week ago now and I have finally just got round to do a 'what I got for Christmas post'.
Christmas is always such a busy time in our household from the stress of trying to sort out Christmas, both of my parents have there birthdays in December my Dads is on the 18th and my Mums is on the 27th.
As if it wasn't already hard enough to try and find them a Christmas present we now have to try and hunt around the shops for pretty decent BIRTHDAY present that has no link to Christmas, which is pretty hard when you live on the Isle of Wight and are limited to about 5 decent shops. So online shopping it is then.
Enough bout that let's get onto the stuff you guys came here for 'what I got for Christmas'.

Clothing and accessories:
The firs few items all come from Topshop... clearly not a surprise to you guys ;)
Yes! Yes! Yes, I did get the denim jacket with the fluffy inside and I was so excited, it's not like I needed a new coat but it's so prettyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!

I feel in love with this jumper a few weeks ago in Topshop and I was so tempted to buy then but then my mum told me not to cause Santa might already have it for me, but then the morning of Christmas came and I didn't have get it so I just thought oh well doesn't matter I can still go and buy it but my amazing Uncle aka Santa had got it for me and i've never been so happy to cuddle a jumper haha. 

(sorry about the super bad quality photo I just couldn't find a good place to style them and the lighting was so bad, i've inserted a picture from the topshop website so you can get a better look)
But I finally got a black pair of ripped skinny jeans, now come on guys give me a high five ( high fives the laptop screen) hehe:)
I lived in these for like the past week and to be truthfully honest with I just don't care cause tomorrow I have to go back to my beauty uniform.
Joni black ripped skin jeans link

So I got a black backpack from urban outfitters I actually bought this myself, well with my Christmas money so technically it is still a present. But I love sales and uni days because at the moment with somethings you can save with sale I mean those words are every girls dream.
Similar bag from Urban outfitters

I got these absolutely beautiful Metallic slip on vans, also bought these with the Christmas money from my Nan and I got these for a bargain  £30 instead of £55. sadly they have sold out :(
Similar Vans link

Cute little H&M belt.
h&m black belt link

Books, DVDs and other little bits.
ED Sheeran Jumpers for Goal posts dvd and cd live a wembley link 
Sounds good feels good link
Cody Simpson Free link
 I've already watched most of these DVDS and love them all but I truly enjoyed watching 'what happens in vegas', it has such a good story line so easy to get into to it, would high recommended this to anyone that likes a great rom-com.
Save the last dance DVD Link
What happens in vegas link
Insurgent DVD link
Pitch perfect one and two combo
The Duff
How did we end up here? 5SOS movie

 Storm in a C cup
 Wildflower by Drew Barrymore 
Fun little fact here about me, is that when I was in primary school my music teacher always used to think my name was Drew Barrymore and I never used to correct her until the last day of year 4 when I was leaving primary school I asked her to sign my book and she saw my real name and she was embarrassed but I was too shy to say anything. 
 Find it in everything Drew Barrymore
 Made by Millie
 Girl online
 Girl online on tour 
Another fun little fact here is that I have already read both girl online and girl online on tour and I only got them last Friday but I loved so much that I couldn't put them down, I just got so into the characters and I love the way Penny and Noah (Brooklyn boy met). Ahh I just love them and can't wait to read them again. Zoella you did go!!
 Beyonce Heat
 Aveeno cream
This cream is a life saver in this weather, well actually all year round.
 My amazingly beautiful best friend Rachael got me this bracelet for Christmas and words can't describe how much I love it, it is such a thoughtful gift she really put a lot of thought it this bracelet as she designed it herself. She choose a lyric from one of my all time fav songs and had it engraved on to this bracelet it reads 'let it burn in the city lights...'
Hey girl this has given me a great idea for your birthday wink wink.
below is a link to the website she used.
Black Tied
She also got me this super amazing smelling candle, as she knows candles are my weakness and I just burn them all the time with any given opportunity.
Green tea urban outfitters candle

So there it is, that is everything I got for Christmas. 
I'd love to see what you guys got for christmas so feel free to comment on the blog
or tag me in your instagram or twitter post. @Drew_izzy
Much love Drew Aka Drewella xx

Friday, 1 January 2016

Hello day 1 of 2016...

Happy New Year! To all you lovely and wonderful people out there :)

I can't believe its already the year 2016 where has the time..? I can't believe 16 years ago was the year 2000 and everyone was so excited and everyone was definitely celebrating hard that night. But now we have just woken up on Friday 1st January 2016, where have those 16 years gone.

Enough about those 16 year, where has 2015 gone it has gone by so quick, but it sure has been a great year, I am thankful for every part of last year. ( wow that sounds weird, last year haha.)

There is so much to look forward to this year the Olympics for starters, man am I excited for them. You just know that Brazil are going to put on  an AMAZING show.

and for me this year is extra special its the year I turn 18, the year of going back to AUSTRALIA after 10 year, going to see my fave band again in London and getting braces..... Yep the rumors are true hehe from the 3rd of may I will officially be a brace face :/

Below are a display of my fave photos from 2015 (it is only a small selection because there was so many amazing moments). I had one of the best years ever firstly I finally found what I want to do with my life, with starting the year with doing A-levels and finishing the year taking a course in beauty and full body massage.

Secondly going to PARIS was one of the best moments of this year because its one of my all time favorite cities EVER!!

AND thirdly I got to see Ed Sheeran in concert at Wembley stadium, which was amazing and seeing 5sos for the third time was even better than the first.

Once again Happy happy new year to you all, may it be filled love, laughter and joy x

Happy New year x
love you all loads Drewella (thats my nickname my friends call me) xx