Friday, 1 January 2016

Hello day 1 of 2016...

Happy New Year! To all you lovely and wonderful people out there :)

I can't believe its already the year 2016 where has the time..? I can't believe 16 years ago was the year 2000 and everyone was so excited and everyone was definitely celebrating hard that night. But now we have just woken up on Friday 1st January 2016, where have those 16 years gone.

Enough about those 16 year, where has 2015 gone it has gone by so quick, but it sure has been a great year, I am thankful for every part of last year. ( wow that sounds weird, last year haha.)

There is so much to look forward to this year the Olympics for starters, man am I excited for them. You just know that Brazil are going to put on  an AMAZING show.

and for me this year is extra special its the year I turn 18, the year of going back to AUSTRALIA after 10 year, going to see my fave band again in London and getting braces..... Yep the rumors are true hehe from the 3rd of may I will officially be a brace face :/

Below are a display of my fave photos from 2015 (it is only a small selection because there was so many amazing moments). I had one of the best years ever firstly I finally found what I want to do with my life, with starting the year with doing A-levels and finishing the year taking a course in beauty and full body massage.

Secondly going to PARIS was one of the best moments of this year because its one of my all time favorite cities EVER!!

AND thirdly I got to see Ed Sheeran in concert at Wembley stadium, which was amazing and seeing 5sos for the third time was even better than the first.

Once again Happy happy new year to you all, may it be filled love, laughter and joy x

Happy New year x
love you all loads Drewella (thats my nickname my friends call me) xx