Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Ripped Jeans...

So it's slowly starting to warm up again after the last few weeks of horrible cold and wet weather. 

So for today's outfit I decided to go for the more street style look. 
These are my new favourite jeans which are from topshop but I managed to pick them up second hand in a charity shop. They have rather large rippes but I really like them and it's gives them a unique look and these jeans are also great for summer because they don't get to hot.

Shirt £12:99 h&m
Crop top £5 New look (crop top under shirt) 
Jeans £6 Charity shop but are from topshop 
Sandals Topshop £25 
Headscarf £3 made by Raes craft boutique (link will be listed below) 

Hope this has inspired you guys x
Lots of love and enjoy the rest of your week ...
Raes craft boutique link:

Monday, 11 May 2015

L'oréal hair products...

This blog is going to be about my favourite hair products which are by L'oréal. I love these products because they leave my hair feeling healthy and they give my hair a lovely smooth shine. 

The first product is the L'oréal Addixion bouncy wax (force 4).  This is great for giving your hair definition and it has a flexible hold so you can change your hair through out the day 
This me £13 but could be more or less depending on where you buy it from. 

The second product is the L'oréal tecni art full volume extra hair mousse (force 5). This is a extra volume and strong hold mousse, it is great for when you're having curly hair or just need a bit of extra volume. 
This cost around £10:60 depending on where you purchase it from.
The third product is the L'oréal texture expert. This product is great for repair and it strengthens the surface of fragile hair. This is great for giving your hair that smooth and healthy look and feel. 
This cost around £17:05 bit again depends where you get it from will depend on the price.

The fourth product is the L'oréal mythic oil. This oil is great for all hair types and also be used on dry or damp hair. I find once I have used just one pump of this my hair feels smooth and soft and also has a healthy shine to it. (This is a nourishing oil) 
The fifth product I have is the L'oréal elnett satin hairspray. This is one of my favourite hairsprays because offers a long lasting hold and gives a brilliant shine and doesn't leave your hair crispy to touch but leaves your hair feeling soft. Also disappears a stroke of the brush.
This cost £3 from the local supermarket.
The final hair product I have is the art iron finish. This is great for when usin straightening irons. Will leave your hair feeling silky and smooth. A must have if you straighten your hair a lot.