Saturday, 16 July 2016

Birthday trip to brighton........

Happy Birthday toooooo mee!!!!!!!!!

So for my birthday I took a trip over the water to the most amazing place - besides Australia of course- BRIGHTON!!
Brighton is slowly becoming my second home and I love it.
 As some of you know I went to Brighton in April and there was just so many places I wanted to head back tooooo, so that's what I did (also some places I had seen in Zoe and Alfie's vlogs that I just needed to check out).

So here goes my tour of what I did in Brighton for the second time, I also have another trip planned for the end of August so stay in touch for that.

It started as a very early morning as we had to make sure we made it to the boat on time, any normal day I would of hated it but it was my 18th so I was way too excited to have a lie in any way.

Family selfie to start the day hehe

Once arrived in Brighton our first stop was Food of course and I had seen/ heard about this restaurant so many times in youtubers videos so I just knew that was where we needed to head for some lunch.
Wahaca was amazing it was a dream for anyone and everyone who loves mexican food, which is a huge bonus that I love it.
They also do amazing cocktails and mocktails, I had a passion-fruit mojito and it was to die for! so sooooo GOOD.....!

Starting young with my first cocktail at age 3 (aka my mums cocktail) and still going strong on my 18th!

After food it was time to do some shopping. What girls do best hey!!
we went into loads of little cute shops in the lanes, we also went into the indoor market which I had gone into in April. I bought the most amazing rug and my mum got some super cute and soft blankets and the worlds most amazing smelling incense sticks......

I also tried what felt like 5 million dresses, I think I pretty much tried on every dress in brighton. Just trying to find one for my 18th party but could I find one no. So the next day I find one in Topshop on the Isle of wight, what are the odds.

So after trying on thousands of dresses it was time for coffee breaks .
 Of course coffee and cake go together but there was no time for cake as I was on the hunt to find boho gelato. And man am I glad I found that Ice cream shop. Unfortunately they had no carrot cake left in there at the time but I did have white chocolate and passionfruit and it was too die for! Bloody amazing.
Believe me if you go to brighton you really need to check out boho gelto.
Also I seemed to be having a passionfruit craving.

Next up was of course a walk along the pier cause you can't go to Brighton with out a walk up the pier I mean come on that's Just part of the whole day out.

and last of all we had to go to the photobooth shop and take some photos cause who doesn't love a great photo booth. I mean I sure love a great photo booth.

I just want to say a massive thank you to all my friends and family who made my 
day extra special, I had the most amazing 18th ever x
Speak to you guys again sooooooon x
much love Drew x