Monday, 22 December 2014


This year when deciding what/how I should wrap my present for everyone, I thought about ways I could make them unique and different to the general wrapping paper you see in everyday shops. 
So this year I recycled newspaper that I had collected from around the world and used it as wrapping paper, so each  gift was wrapped in its own unique paper. Also to finish the presents off I tied string around them into a bow and for the girls I added bits of pink ribbon and curled the ends to give them more of a girlie feel. 

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

How to make your own Christmas decorations...

In this post I'm going to be showing you how to make your own Christmas decorations that everyone will love.
First I'm going to show you how to make Pom poms, that you can either use as decorations on your tree or something extra to add to the wrapping on your presents. 

Firstly you need to draw to circles the same size on a piece of cardboard, then draw a smaller circle inside of those circles. The bigger the outside circle the bigger the Pom poms. Cut out the circles and the ones inside!
After you have cut the circles out place the circles on top of each other ready to start wrapping the wool around them.

Start wrapping the wool from the inside out. Then wrap the wool all the way around until you get to the start point. Then cut the string so you're left with a small line of wool and then knot your second colour on to the first colour or don't cut the wool and just keep going round with the same colour! I would say use 3 different colours or just wrap around the same colour 3 times.

Once you have done all three colours or layers, it means that it's now time to start cutting. To cut the wool you need to get the scissors in between the two bits of cardboard and then cut all the way around .Then put another bit of wool in between the two bits of cardboard and do a tight double knot at the end so it brings all the wool together to form a circle. 
And now you have your Pom poms. 
I used them as decoration on the plain Christmas bags to make them more exciting and I'm going to start making some plain red ones for the Christmas tree. 
On my next post I'm going to show you how I have wrapped my presents by recycling objects that everyone has in there home!! 

Christmas wish list...

My Christmas wish list:

As its getting super close to Christmas I thought I would share with you some of  the items that are on my Christmas wish list. 

Here are the first few things on my Christmas wish list, the first few items are from Topshop.

The Christmas wish list starts from left to right:
1: Black fur Doc marten boots £110
2:High neck chiffon dress £59( by Goldie Brand at Topshop)
3. Black Dungarees £48
4. Moto ripped coated Leigh Jeans £44
5.Jet Jumpsuit by Motel £48 
6.Young Hollywood tee by project social tee £22

Next on my wish list is this book by Lou Teasdale called the craft, you can buy this book in your local WHSmiths or you can order it offline from amazon or the book people.
WHSmiths price £6.99
Amazon £7.99 (or used copies from £2.99)
Book people £3.99
Next is this Olivia Burton watch, I started following Olivia Burton watches on instagram a few months ago and ever since I hit that follow button I have been in love with her watches. I have managed to narrow it down to one that I really truly love which is this modern vintage dot design grey and rose gold watch for £65.00
Then I have this beautiful pastel yellow Polaroid camera by Fuji- film instax. I have this on my Christmas wish list because a few years ago I feel in love with Polaroid images after I was helping my Nana go through some old photos, we came across her wedding images which were truly beautiful but what i loved was that some were printed as Polaroids and I thought it made the images look even more magical than they already are. so I found  this beautiful camera on amazon for  £52.99, you can get it in 5 different colours.

 Finally I we have the converse boots in black and white for £48 each from Schuh. I have wanted a pair of black and white converse for a long time but have not got round to saving my money for long enough so I thought why not put them on my Christmas wish list and hope that Santa leaves them under my tree at Christmas.
But the thing I love about converse is that they go with everything and anything and I believe that everyone should own a pair because they are one of the comfiest pairs of shoes I own.