Tuesday, 29 November 2016

My favourite photo's from my trip to AUSTRALIA....

As you all probably know that I have been back from Australia for a few weeks now and I just needed another excuses too look through all of my photos. 
so I have picked out a few (way more than a few) of my favourite photos that I wanted to share with you from this amazing trip. No writing included, all photos. I love looking through other peoples holiday photos and I just know that there has got to be someone out there like me so this post is for you, if you hate this kind of post i'm sorry just try to enjoy it anyway hehe. 
so here goes..........


Hope you enjoyed this post I just wanted to share with you a few of my most favourite photos from our recent family trip away to Aussie. I can tell you now that this is only a small portion of the photos we took when we where away.

Love you all loads x
Hope you're all looking forward to christmas x
Keep well this holiday x
Drew x

Saturday, 19 November 2016

My top 5 Cafes in Queensland Australia....

As most of you will know I've just come back from a Month in Australia. I've come from 35+ degree weather to raining cold put the heating on, Thats UK weather for you.
I fell in love with this amazing country all over again and there amazing cafes, which I'm not going to lie to you I went to quite a few.
So I picked out a few of my favourite and wanted to share them with you.

Cafe Le Monde:

I started researching different cafes to visit when in Australia and one that kept coming up was Cafe Le Monde and there instagram was amazing showing off some good food, so I was most definitely up for a visit and man am I glad we went.

We went more than once so I didn't want to bore you with an over load of different foods but I thought I would show you my favourite lunch and dinner meals.

Cafe Le monde has been fuelling surfers since 86, you can tell it is doing well with how long it has been around. If you ever find yourself in Noosa Australia I highly recommend you visit cafe le mode you won't regret it.

Zac's Gourmet Burger Bar:

This was a lovely little restaurant/cafe/bar that is along Hastings street Noosa. This choice of cafe was my brothers as he is a huge burger fan but not going to lie to you we were all impressed. I had a pear and parmesan salad with sweet potato fries. some of the best sweet potato fries I've ever had. 

10 Hastings street:

Next on my list of places to visit was 10 hastings street.
This was my breakfast to fuel my day before we walked the Noosa national park and wow it was the best avocado toast I've ever had. If I knew beetroot hummus tasted that good I would of been eating it everyday. 
Avocados taste so much better in Australia. 

Shotgun Espresso:

This was a little find after we walked the rain forest in Malney and it was a super cute and almost vintage style cafe; right up my street.
I had the most amazing juice lime and passionfruit but I'm not going to lie after a glass that large my tongue did feel a little funny.
shotgun espresso

Decisions Cafe:

I had been following this cafe on instagram for ages before we even knew we were going back so once I knew we were going to Australia I had to see where the decisions cafe was and find out if we could ever make it there. And we did yayay! This was our pit stop cafe on the way back to Brisbane and it was amazing.
My home made smoothie bowls are never this good (or big), and more avocado toast I just couldn't get enough of Avo toast when we were away. 
I highly recommend anyone going here if you find yourself in Queensland and feel like some great yummy and health food, you need to go here. 

Sunday, 4 September 2016


Evening guys...........

I've decided to do a slightly different post as I feel everyone needs to take some time for themselves and everyone needs time to see things differently.
We are always having things put under our nose of what others have and what we have and don't have but we all take things like this different, some brush it under the carpet and don't care others get really annoyed that they don't have everything that others do.
But we are all different and equal in some many ways and we mustn't look back or forward we should be in the present moment and take each day as it comes and be thankful for what we have right now.
(everything in this blog post is my own opinion and feel free to take it as you wish. I'm also not a trained yogi or meditation teach so everything is just from my own opinion and from the way I see and Believe......)


Dictionaire definition of mindfulness.....
*The  quality or state of being conscious or aware of something.
*A mental state achieved by foucsing one's awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one's feelings, thoughts and bodily sensations, used as a theraputic  technique.

what does mindfulness mean to me??

Mindfulness to me is all about staying in the present and focusing on the now rather than the past or the future. And looking at what life brings to you every morning when you wake up instead of wishing for something you don't have or for something you don't want, always be grateful for life and that you have what you have. Happiness in life is the key to everything. Kill everyone with Kindness.
Always have a goal cause then you will always have something to aim for.
 I've found this at lot easier with the help of meditation and through watching Rochelle fox and Chris soll on Youtube,Instagram and snapchat.
These two are a massive inspiration in my life and I love there attitude towards life and I can't wait for Rochelles mindspo class it is going to be amazing.

Mindfulness can be hard to master in a short space of time and I have definitely found that but with practise and determination anything is possible even in the hardest times you can pull through.

As some of you may or may not know but I am a christian and so many people take the view that christians shouldn't meditate and that christians shouldn't do yoga and in some ways I completely agree.
I also disagree with this statement as for myself I do practise yoga but I practise yoga as a form of exercise which is good for your health and wellbeing and is especially good for me and my health (i'll explain in a later date) but I don't practise yoga as a belief. I find that when I'm doing yoga or meditation it is probably  the most amount of time i'll prayer or speak with God, as I feel most relaxed in myself and also most connected with myself and God as it gives me time to reflect and look back on everything i'm oh so very thankful for.
I know everyone will have there own opinion and I'm completely fine with that I know that there will be people out there who agree with me and others who disagree but thats the same with everything in life.

I hope you guys can find the time to find something you enjoy that gives you time on your own and time away from your devices, that gives you space to think and be in the present moment.
I recommend you try and give yoga and meditation a go, at first you may not feel it is for you try again or find something else like going for a walk ( but leave your phone behind) or read a back outside without your phone or the tv and laptop on. Trust me you'll feel so much better after.

Links to yoga and meditation videos I use on youtube- Please send me links of people you find useful...
Boho Beautiful
Rochelle fox
Chris Soll

Much love 
peace and God bless to you all x
I hope you have a great week back at school after the summer or back at work x
speak soon x
Drew xx

Saturday, 16 July 2016

Birthday trip to brighton........

Happy Birthday toooooo mee!!!!!!!!!

So for my birthday I took a trip over the water to the most amazing place - besides Australia of course- BRIGHTON!!
Brighton is slowly becoming my second home and I love it.
 As some of you know I went to Brighton in April and there was just so many places I wanted to head back tooooo, so that's what I did (also some places I had seen in Zoe and Alfie's vlogs that I just needed to check out).

So here goes my tour of what I did in Brighton for the second time, I also have another trip planned for the end of August so stay in touch for that.

It started as a very early morning as we had to make sure we made it to the boat on time, any normal day I would of hated it but it was my 18th so I was way too excited to have a lie in any way.

Family selfie to start the day hehe

Once arrived in Brighton our first stop was Food of course and I had seen/ heard about this restaurant so many times in youtubers videos so I just knew that was where we needed to head for some lunch.
Wahaca was amazing it was a dream for anyone and everyone who loves mexican food, which is a huge bonus that I love it.
They also do amazing cocktails and mocktails, I had a passion-fruit mojito and it was to die for! so sooooo GOOD.....!

Starting young with my first cocktail at age 3 (aka my mums cocktail) and still going strong on my 18th!

After food it was time to do some shopping. What girls do best hey!!
we went into loads of little cute shops in the lanes, we also went into the indoor market which I had gone into in April. I bought the most amazing rug and my mum got some super cute and soft blankets and the worlds most amazing smelling incense sticks......

I also tried what felt like 5 million dresses, I think I pretty much tried on every dress in brighton. Just trying to find one for my 18th party but could I find one no. So the next day I find one in Topshop on the Isle of wight, what are the odds.

So after trying on thousands of dresses it was time for coffee breaks .
 Of course coffee and cake go together but there was no time for cake as I was on the hunt to find boho gelato. And man am I glad I found that Ice cream shop. Unfortunately they had no carrot cake left in there at the time but I did have white chocolate and passionfruit and it was too die for! Bloody amazing.
Believe me if you go to brighton you really need to check out boho gelto.
Also I seemed to be having a passionfruit craving.

Next up was of course a walk along the pier cause you can't go to Brighton with out a walk up the pier I mean come on that's Just part of the whole day out.

and last of all we had to go to the photobooth shop and take some photos cause who doesn't love a great photo booth. I mean I sure love a great photo booth.

I just want to say a massive thank you to all my friends and family who made my 
day extra special, I had the most amazing 18th ever x
Speak to you guys again sooooooon x
much love Drew x