Saturday, 19 November 2016

My top 5 Cafes in Queensland Australia....

As most of you will know I've just come back from a Month in Australia. I've come from 35+ degree weather to raining cold put the heating on, Thats UK weather for you.
I fell in love with this amazing country all over again and there amazing cafes, which I'm not going to lie to you I went to quite a few.
So I picked out a few of my favourite and wanted to share them with you.

Cafe Le Monde:

I started researching different cafes to visit when in Australia and one that kept coming up was Cafe Le Monde and there instagram was amazing showing off some good food, so I was most definitely up for a visit and man am I glad we went.

We went more than once so I didn't want to bore you with an over load of different foods but I thought I would show you my favourite lunch and dinner meals.

Cafe Le monde has been fuelling surfers since 86, you can tell it is doing well with how long it has been around. If you ever find yourself in Noosa Australia I highly recommend you visit cafe le mode you won't regret it.

Zac's Gourmet Burger Bar:

This was a lovely little restaurant/cafe/bar that is along Hastings street Noosa. This choice of cafe was my brothers as he is a huge burger fan but not going to lie to you we were all impressed. I had a pear and parmesan salad with sweet potato fries. some of the best sweet potato fries I've ever had. 

10 Hastings street:

Next on my list of places to visit was 10 hastings street.
This was my breakfast to fuel my day before we walked the Noosa national park and wow it was the best avocado toast I've ever had. If I knew beetroot hummus tasted that good I would of been eating it everyday. 
Avocados taste so much better in Australia. 

Shotgun Espresso:

This was a little find after we walked the rain forest in Malney and it was a super cute and almost vintage style cafe; right up my street.
I had the most amazing juice lime and passionfruit but I'm not going to lie after a glass that large my tongue did feel a little funny.
shotgun espresso

Decisions Cafe:

I had been following this cafe on instagram for ages before we even knew we were going back so once I knew we were going to Australia I had to see where the decisions cafe was and find out if we could ever make it there. And we did yayay! This was our pit stop cafe on the way back to Brisbane and it was amazing.
My home made smoothie bowls are never this good (or big), and more avocado toast I just couldn't get enough of Avo toast when we were away. 
I highly recommend anyone going here if you find yourself in Queensland and feel like some great yummy and health food, you need to go here.