Friday, 31 July 2015

Disneyland PARIS...!

I'm sorry I haven't posted in ages I've been one busy bee after having my birthday and then going to see Ed Sheeran and then off to Paris!
Well if you follow me on Instagram or snapchat or any form of social media, I'm sorry because I've posted SO SO MUCH 🙈 hehe 

So any way here is a post on my trip to Disneyland Paris and my tour of Paris.
I had four days in Disney and three nights but it wasn't enough, well whenever you're on holiday it always goes to quick.

On the first day was mainly travelling and it took us 11 and half hours to get there! But in the end we made it and got the chance to go into the Disney village to have a look around the shops and get something to eat. 

The second day we got given our passes for the Disney park and my dreams came true it was so magical and aww every person should go there even if you aren't a massive Disney fan it will still make you feel like a little princess or prince. 
Later in the day we got the option to go into the heart of Paris. 
I feel in love with Paris I didn't want to leave! At one point I found myself sat on a bench in front of the Eiffel tower alone and just watching the world go bye, I've never felt so peaceful in my whole life, until my teacher comes along and tells me it's time to go.

The third day of Disney we got given passes for the Walt Disney studios and it was so cool. I've never felt like such a big kid in my whole life but I LOVED every second of it. Later in the day around 4pm we made our way back to the Disneyland park to watch the parade. One word for the parade and that is magical.

The fourth and finale day was a short day in Paris because we had to make our way back home, but we had enough time to have one more walk around the hotel area and go for breakfast and then it was bye bye Paris and hello boring and cloudy Isle of Wight. 

Hope you have enjoyed this post  and I would definitely recommend Disney to anyone and everyone because it was the best and most magical place EVER. 
P.s sorry about the massive long post about Disney I just had to share because I loved every second of it and sorry for using the word magical so much it just was!