Sunday, 13 September 2015

5 ways, 1 pair of Trousers...

I have decided to do a post on my favorite and easy wear trousers because you can pretty much wear for any occasion, anywhere and can dress them up or dress them down.
Smart trousers are coming into fashion more and more with people wearing as normal trousers like they would a pair of jeans.
So this is what inspired my blog post, so I thought I would show my favorite outfits to wear with these smart trousers.
 To get started here is the link to the trousers:
Black stretch slim leg trousers- New Look

1)  Denim Jacket and Converse.
Topshp Tops/T-Shirts
French Connection Jackets
2) Black and white with a splash of Colour (orange of course)

3) Dr Martens and Vintage Scarfs
4) That perfect H&M shirt 

5) Comfy Jumpers and sunglasses 

I hope that this post has inspired you for  different ways that you can wear your smart trousers or if you haven't got a pair I hope this post has inspired you to find a perfect par of smart trousers.

I hope you find your perfect pair of smart trousers because I love mine.

Much Love Drew xx