Monday, 11 July 2016

What I got for my 18th.....

Hello, Hello lovely people...
If you follow me on any of my social media you'll know that I've recently just celebrated my 18th Birthday..... FINALLY!
I had to get up super early on my birthday not just because I couldn't sleep but because we had to make the ferry because.. guess what.... we spent the day In BRIGHTON. But this blog post isn't about my day in Brighton that's for another time.
I personally love reading/watching other bloggers and youtubers 'what they got for there birthdays', so I thought I would share with you guys what I got for my birthday.
so here goes.. hope you enjoy......


I got quite a lot of jewellery for my birthday, which I kind of new I was getting some because I picked a few designs that I really loved and sent them too my mum and told her to choose which ones to have made so it was still kind of a surprise but I still had some Idea.

I had three pieces of jewellery specially made for my birthday, a flower ring with my birth stone in the middle (which is a ruby).
secondly I had made a feather necklace pendant, which is beautiful.
Thirdly I had made a bangle with a triangle shape on the front, it is gorgeous.
All of these pieces where made by Effies Elements you should go check her out on facebook and also on her page there is a post about how she made my flower ruby ring.
Effies Elements facebook page

My best friend Rachael got me the most beautiful anklet, with my birth stone in the pendant. The anklet was made by 'lucky Kemp Jewellery'. 
Every piece of jewellery is so unique and so delicately beautiful. 
Some of my mums work friends got me a beautiful necklace made by Karen Adams, who is based in North of Devon. 
I love the simpleness of this necklace but its so beautiful and simple that it can go with anything and everything.
My Great Auntie got me a tree of life necklace, which is absolutely beautiful.
It is from a little family run business on the Isle of Wight called Dragon Fly.

I'm not usually a huge fan of Pandora, as I'm normally a unique and handmade jewellery kind of girl. I'm not really a fan of blingy jewellery but my Auntie got me a ring for my birthday (p.s we share birthdays) but she got me my birth stone ring and it actually goes really nicely with my ring made by effie with my birthstone in. 
My last piece of jewellery I got for my birthday was a rose gold topshop watch, which I love!!
Rose gold is my fave colour.
Little bits.....

I had so much for my birthday that I didn't want to bore you with everything I got so I just chose a few things to show you guys..

I finally got the Fearne Cotton cook book and I can't wait to start using it to cook from.
I'm so excited there may even be a new blog post.....
Some of you may remember in past blog posts I spoke about my favourite shop called 'My house' on the Island. One of my best friends Suzy owned it but sadly she sold it on and its no longer around       (insert sad face). 
But she still has her own business and she makes amazing pieces of art and she was lovely enough to make me a custom made collage piece for my room. 
Even if I do say so myself it is so clever and Unique.
Everyone go check out her stuff.
I would just like to say a massive thank you to everyone that wished me a happy birthday, came to my party and gave me a birthday present. 
My day was amazing, well I had an amazing week.
I had so many amazing birthday presents and I'm so lucky.

Hope you guys have a lovely summer break x
loads of love Drewxx