Tuesday, 14 June 2016

My Festival must haves....

*Festival season is upon us but where has the sun gone, but that sure doesn't stop us from wearing our favourite festival outfits even if it is a little chilly we will all soon warm up after all that dancing.
As some of you may know this weekend just gone was the Isle of Wight festival and may I add it was bloody amazing. 
*Queen. WOW where do I start it was absolutely amazing and Adam Lambert really knows how to put on a show without trying to be Freddie. If you ever get the chance to see Queen go even if you aren't a huge fan, just go for it cause you'll love it.
*my essential festival must haves...
(before the event, after and during!)

*Packing for the festival is almost as much fun as going to the event, picking out outfits for everyday is almost like looking through a childhood dressing-up box. I love it! 
Festivals are the time to bring out my inner hippie, well I never hide my inner hippie I just bring her fully out at festivals.  I pull out all the stops with flower headdresses, tassels, sequins, beading and endless amounts of jewellery. This is festival fashion after all so anything and everything goes. 
(well pretty much anything goes apart from bum cheeks hanging out of shorts and them awful morphsuits..... No just no)
when going to a festival you need to pack for every season literally, cause in Britain we don't particularly have just a summer it is mixed with spring, autumn and winter all in 1 day.
I also take Tights to put on in the evenings because they are small and easy to pack in any bag even a tiny one. I also take a big knit but I never have to carry it around because my rather large family always make camp in the same place and I always leave it with them.
I don't ever do the camping at a festival, I just never could do it but luckily I live around 30 mins away so I just walk or get dropped off. Thank goodness. 
Whatever the weather I pile on the jewellery with fingers full of rings, arms full of different bracelets and a huge range of different necklaces and of course don't forget about the sunglasses to hide your hangover or the Sunday eye bags.

*so lets get on with the essential festival must haves......
* firstly Fake tan has to be on the festival must haves I always fake tan around a day before the festival, I feel it gives you more of a natural glowing tan.
*Dry shampoo is a must for any festival even though I don't camp by the last day I just can't be bothered to wash my hair again, so the good old dry shampoo is a massive life saver. Of course if you're camping dry shampoo is gunna be your best friend.
*The essentials for your bag at the festival tissues, hand gel, plasters, paracetamol, purse and of course that emergency poncho.
*other essentials that I love to have in my hand bag or bum bag mini mirror lip crayon, lip liner, lip balm and a nail file cause you never know when you're going to break a nail.
*sun glasses.
*Jewellery and lots of it.
*Hats for bad weather or bad hair day.
*Headdresses or floral headbands are defiantly a must have to nay festival.
*warm layers.
*wellies/and or biker boots ( I don't own wellies so I just put on my Dr martens).
 *cross body bag and or bum bag.
*camping chair.
*warm clothes to sleep in.
*Wash bag.
*Make up bag.

that's it for all my festival essentials, hope you enjoyed this blog post. (links will be below)
If you're going to a festival this year stay safe and make sure you have the time of you're life.
hugs and kisses Drew x