Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Ripped Jeans...

So it's slowly starting to warm up again after the last few weeks of horrible cold and wet weather. 

So for today's outfit I decided to go for the more street style look. 
These are my new favourite jeans which are from topshop but I managed to pick them up second hand in a charity shop. They have rather large rippes but I really like them and it's gives them a unique look and these jeans are also great for summer because they don't get to hot.

Shirt £12:99 h&m
Crop top £5 New look (crop top under shirt) 
Jeans £6 Charity shop but are from topshop 
Sandals Topshop £25 
Headscarf £3 made by Raes craft boutique (link will be listed below) 

Hope this has inspired you guys x
Lots of love and enjoy the rest of your week ...
Raes craft boutique link: