Friday, 15 January 2016

I'm ADDICTED to pinterest....

so lately, well to be completely truthful with you I'm always on pinterest and I LOVE IT!!
But over the last 6 months I hadn't really been on it that much because I had really been getting into Tumblr but my love for pinterest has returned. I have so many boards its unreal... 46 in total, But I love how organised I can be and how I can have a board for anything I want and I literally mean anything.

As it's my big birthday this year, yes I turn 18 wooooo! (but not till july so only 169 days to go, not that I'm counting down or anything) but I have been really getting into looking for cool decorations for my party, I've even created a board on pinterest ;) see told you, you can have a board for literally anything.
This s a link to my Party ideas board...

Pinterest is definitely my escape from reality! I love looking up new recipes and cool craft/decoration ideas but what I love most of all is the little bits that you can find on pinterest whether that being how to search for cheap flights or how to get rid of black heads it literally has everything you could imagine. (Gives get travel tips, will be using a lot of pinterest when getting ready for Aussie)
I also love to use pinterest to get ideas for my dream home or flat, I know that is a long way a way from now but I just love getting little ideas. 

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Much love x
Have a magical and blessed weekend x
see you again soon x