Tuesday, 22 December 2015

That perfect christmas party playsuit...

Everyone needs that one perfect playsuit that they can make a STATEMENT with for that dreaded christmas party that you really don't want to go to but you know your boss is counting on you to be there, so you just go any way!!

So i'm here to help!
I'm a sucker for a great playsuit, I think I might almost prefer them to dresses. So in this post i'm going to give you some ideas on how you can style that perfect playsuit and some places you can pick up that perfect playsuit....
So here it goes.....!

This first playsuit is from Topshop, it has long sleeves and is super comfy to wear and is easy to dance in. so basically great for all those christmas or even new years parties you have planned.
Hat primark £9
Black Boots topshop £45 (2 years ago)
Similar Play suit from TOPSHOP link  

 Second playsuit is from H&M and I got it last year for christmas and I absolutely love it. It is so easy to dress this playsuit up or down and I think everyone needs a playsuit like this one!
Shoes topshop last years sale £15
Similar playsuit from H&M link

Third playsuit is from Jack Wills, I bought this playsuit this year from the jack wills outlet in Portsmouth and I haven't had the opportunity to wear it out yet, so maybe this can my christmas party playsuit. This is a great playsuit to make a statement and be bold at the party instead of blending in with the blacks and the reds. make a STATEMENT and be PROUD!!
Shoes (heels) from Peacocks
Similar playsuit from JACK WILLS link

The fourth playsuit is from topshop and i've worn this so many times but I never get bored of it, I think its because you can wear it in the summer or winter or with anything and it will still look amazing. The back of the playsuit is lace.
Shoes from Red or Dead £45 (2 years ago)
Similar playsuit from TOPSHOP link

The last playsuit is of course from topshop, I've had my eye on this playsuit for a while now but it just went in the sale and of course I had to buy because it was just calling out to me. This playsuit is very high up on my list to be my christmas party or New years party playsuit, its just so prettyyyyyyyy!
Shoes Purple Heels from Dorthy perkins (around 2 years ago)
Black and white shoes from Clarks in the sale for £35
Playsuit link from TOPSHOP

Merry Christmas and a happy new year x
I hope you all get what you wish for, eat lots of food and don't regret it 
cause its christmas no one cares x
Much love Drew x