Saturday, 5 December 2015

Christmas Wishlist...

 Christmas wish list time again.... YAY!
This year my Christmas list that I gave to my parents was super long but that's because I didn't really ask for just one main big present because I wanted/needed lots of little things.
so I have decided to do a blog post on some of the things that are on my list to give you guys some idea for your own Christmas wish list!

First up is some clothing items from...... of course its topshop!

1) MOTO- washed black ripped jamie jeans. £42
 Topshop black ripped Jamie jeans £42   

2) MOTO- light stone wash borg western jacket £59

3) Red cord pinafore dress £39
topshop red pinafore dress 

The next item of clothing is from Zara. I have recently just fallen in love with Zara T-shirts.
so here is one of the one I have asked for.

T-shirt with Applique £12.99

Zara top  

Vans shoes! Your Christmas wish list isn't a wish list without a pair of vans on it. you defiantly can't have to many pairs as they are one of the worlds most comfiest pair of shoes.

1) Cracked metallic classic slip on shoes £55

Vans slip on shoes

2) Old skool shoes £52

old skool vans 

The next lot of items are from amazon but you can most probably find them in any book store or superstore/ supermarket or even boots or superdrug.

1) Caroline flack- storm in a C cup £9.50 (hardcover)
Caroline Flack book Amazon link 

2) Love Tanya £7

Tanya Burr Book Amazon link
3) Wildflower By Drew Barrymore £11.98

Drew Barrymore book Amazon link

4) Real techniques core collection brushes £12.98

Real Techniques brushes

Hope this has helped you get a few ideas for your own christmas wish list.
Don't be afraid to send me an email or comment if you have any questions.
Much love Drew xx