Sunday, 4 January 2015

My 2014 in Photos...

My year of 2014 in as many photos as possible!!

January 2014 was the month for winter walks and stupid selfies at school!

February 2014 was the month full of floods and birthdays which means lots of cake!


March 2014 was Rock 'n' Roll themed birthday party and walks with the neighbors.

April 2014 was the month of a special birthday and eating lots of naughty food from Easter chocolate and friends coming back from America bringing gifts of lovely American sweets.

May 2014 from last days at secondary school to sunsets on the beach and family weddings. what a great month.

June 2014 was my favorite month of the whole year! firstly it started with a trip to Wembley to see One Direction and 5 Seconds of summer, then the weekend after i was at the Isle of Wight festival which was amazing because I got to watch bands like Calvin Harris,the Red hot chili peppers, Kings of Leon, the 1975 and many many more. To then end the month I had prom with my amazing friends. 

July 2014 was also a great month because its the month of birthday, so on my birthday I had a lovely evening with all my friends and then to end the month I had a proud big sister moment when my brother won the Head teachers award before he left to move up to secondary school.

August 2014 was a month full family selfies, fun at the V-Dub festival and my first at the Needles.

September 2014 was back to school after a 3 month long holiday, so me and my best friend decided to go out for an amazing breakfast to cure the pain of going back to school and then took hundreds of stupid pictures. It was also the month of new books and healthy lunch.

October 2014 was the month with a big family meal and walks on the beach with my brother and dog.

November 2014 was when I made lunch for me and 2 of my close friends and then later in the year we had a family trip to see the Christmas lights to come on and was a great time to try the festive drinks in costa.

December 2014 was a month of making gingerbread house, having amazing fruit tea, opening loads of presents and eating even more food. To finish the year/month off it was my Mums 40th birthday so we had a big 70's themed party at our house and then the next day had a lovely meal and shopping trip to Portsmouth and on new years eve I went for my last walk on the beach of 2014.

Happy New Year I hope your 2015 is full of lovely surprise and you over any fears you have been trying to face and that you follow your dream that you thought you could never do.

My news resolutions are:
1) Read more books 
2) Spend less time on my phone 
3) follow my heart 
4) finally over come PCOS