Thursday, 25 June 2015

London baby...

Some of you might know this already if you follow me on Instagram or Twitter or even snapchat, that I went to London last weekend.
I spent Friday and Saturday of last week in London with some of my cousins and my best friend Rachael. 
I know I'm about to sound like a massive fan girl! Which I'm not... (Shhh.. I am) 
Well I went to London mainly to see the band 5 Seconds of summer (5SOS).The  show at Wembley arena was amazing and I had the best night of my life!! They didn't just produce great music but they put on a bloody great show as well. 

On the Saturday Rachael and I managed to get the opportunity to have a look around London. Here is some photos of our day in London ft my yummy cookie from a stand in Hyde park. 

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