Friday, 6 November 2015

My Favourite Youtubers...

Over this past year I have really been getting into watching youtubers and I LOVE IT!!
There is so many inspiring and inspirational youtubers out there and here is a few of my favourite youtubers that I love to watch almost everyday ( shhhhhh.... I mean revising everyday haha).

Who doesn't just love a bit of zoella? cause I sure know I do. 
I love watching Zoe's main channel because I always get great ideas on what to buy from her monthly favourites and I sure do love a baking video. But I also love to see what she gets up in her vlogs.
 Zoellas main channel 
Zoellas Vlog channel 
Zoellas Blog  

The SacconeJolys 
I just love watching the sacconejolys everyday at 6pm, Emilia and Edwardo are just the cutest little kids ever and I love how through the vlogs you get to almost live your life with them and see the children's lives change and watch them grow up.

Ingrid Nilsen 
Ingrid is just crazy but I love her sense of humor and her style is amazing. I lover watching her favourites videos and sense of self video, well to be truthful with you I just love every video Ingrid makes.
Ingrid Nilsen

 Estee Lalonde
At the moment I just love watching Estees vlogs, I love watching her vlogs because you get to see inside someones life and experience there day to day life and it almost makes you feel like there one of your good friends because you know so much about them.
I also love her main channel and her house and her style is amazing.
 Estee Lalonde 

Joe Sugg Thatcher Joe 
I always find myself watching Joe's videos when I'm feeling down or a bit upset and once I've watched just one video I'm feeling much better his videos just make me laugh so hard its unreal.
 Thatcher Joe

Alfie Deyes Pointless Blog
I don't always watch Alfie's videos but when I do I mostly watch his vlogs but I don't know why I don't watch them more often because I love them. They are so funny and I also love watching Alfie's and Zoe's life together its just so cute.
Alfie Deyes vlogs

Hope you enjoyed finding out who my favorite youtubers are there are many more but I thought I would share a small few of my favourites  with you.
Much Love xx