Wednesday, 3 February 2016

January favourites...

Happy Tuesday you lovely people and what a lovely Tuesday it is, the sun is shinning and I actually think I can see some blue sky. Hallelujah!!!

So Today I have decided to do my January favourites, I can't believe it is already February! I guess they say time flies when you're having fun.....

January favourites....
Here is a few of my faves from the past month... ENJOY!!

I just started reading this book over the past few weeks and I'm obsessed with it. I Just LOVE IT!!

Over the past few months I've been loving the Neals Yard remedies, powder foundation. Its so light on the face and its nice for a quick and easy look or its great for layering up for a better cover up.
I don't usually wear bronzer and I never thought it looked right on me but I watched Zoellas most recent make up tutorial and I copied the way she applied her bronzer and ever since I watched that video I've been wearing bronzer and  I actually really like it.
This is my favorite Lip colour at the moment. Its my go to lip crayon, I wear it almost everyday.

This neals yard remedies busy bee balm is a life saver for these cold months, when you get dry and sore lips. I now don't know what I would do with out it.

This mascara was also on another one of Zoellas videos (as you can tell I'm a huge fan). Zoe was raving about this mascara and I needed a new one so I thought why not true and it's literally amazing I couldn't imagine not using it any more. Thank you Zoe

My weird and wonderful doodle book. I'm not very good at drawing but I love having my doddle book to Just basically doddle in and write what ever comes to mind. This notebook is from IKEA.
This is the worlds best smelling candle! well its my favourite any way.


This past month I've loved having gel nail varnish on my fingers, its just so much nicer than normal nail varnish and I just love these rings, I haven't taken them off since Christmas.

Have a lovely rest of the week x
Ohh and happy February x
Much love Drew xx