Tuesday, 16 February 2016

outfit of the day

Happy Tuesday, you beautiful humans. How's your day going? I'm having a lovely day thank you, my cousins came over and the sun is shinning again (but this gunna be the last day of it for this week I believe).

I thought I would show my outfit of the day, it's still not really that warm at the moment but who cares if you wanna look good you have to pay the price of being cold. Only joking I hate being cold I would much rather have my fingers haha and stay warm.


 So before I get started on my O.O.T.D here is a lovely selfie of me ;)

I Just love the detailing on this top from ZARA, the patches really change up the top from being a plain old stripy top (don't get me wrong I love a striped top) to a more exciting and adventures outfit.

Socks with my warms to keep my feet and ankles warm...

Top- Zara Link to similar top
Jeans- Topshop Link to Jeans
Shoes- vans Link to similar Vans
Jacket-Topshop Link to denim jacket
Scarf- H&M
Bag- Urban outfitters Link to similar bag 

Start the blog post with a selfie! End the blog post with a beautiful snapchat filter selfie, which I'm going to leave right here for you all to enjoy hehehe.

Have a lovely rest of the week x
If you're on half term I hope you have a great week of rest x
Much Love Drew x