Saturday, 7 May 2016

April favourites...

 Hello lovely people of this amazing earth... How's life treating you all? I'm good thank you just have a super sore mouth as had my braces fitted on Tuesday :( but the best part is in 2 years time i'll have great teeth! well that's what I keep telling myself any way...)
so it's the time of the month again, a time for favourites blog post. I mean I am crazy obsessed with favourites videos or blog post but the downfall after any favourites video or blog post I watch I always end going out and buying loads of stuff that I didn't think I needed but now couldn't see my life with out. P.S don't worry a boots haul blog post is on its way, as its your guys turn to be tempted to spend some money....
April Favessssss.....

This month I have been loving these 4 youtubers, they are all really inspirational and I love there way of living and I love how they take life in there hands.
I have been doing a lot of Boho beautiful's yoga videos and her meditation videos and this month I have been feeling my best so far really at peace and really loving life and I think part of that is because I've been really trying to get back into exercising and doing yoga.
I have also been loving Sam Evans, Rochelle Fox and Sjana Erap these three beautiful people are all from Aussie and make the most amazing vlogs ever, they have great editing skills and are really down to earth and I just love there attitude to life.

 I love this book! It's not just because we have the same name, she is an incredible actress and writer and I've just been hooked on this book and just can't wait to finish it and then can't wait to read it again because its that good.

This new boots from zara are my new babies... I bought these as a make myself feel better buy after I had my teeth out. There only £17:99. Bargain! They are so comfy and go well with so many outfits jeans, tights, dresses the list is endless.

 I love candles.... These are beautiful, I love the effect they give the bottle from the wax dripping down the side. I bought these in shop in Brighton called Tigers and it was such a creative stationary store/ home-ware. love ittttttttt!!!

Carrying on with the Brighton theme my favourite place I went to in April was Brighton. I love it, love it , love it! I can't wait to go back again. Bring on July.

I've been trying out some new beauty products this month and have been loving all of them. I finally got my hands on another Neals yard Minerals powder foundation cause its my fave and why not! I also thought I would try out the Rose facial wash to go with the rose toner and I've been loving it.
I have also changed my shampoo and my hair hasn't felt this soft smooth and shiny in years.
Palmers coco butter has always been a true fave but I just haven't had it in years and I found a new one with coconut oil and it is also really natural as it doesn't contain all the bad rubbish a lot of products do these days, which I lOVE.

 Finally, This month I've also really been enjoying making smooth bowels for breakfast, they are so easy to make and taste so damn good. They just taste like summer in a bowl and another great thing is that smooth bowls are very photogenic even if you don't plan on it, they always look good.

Links to all favourites: 
Sjana Earp
 Rochelle fox 
Sam Evans
Boho Beautiful
Wildflower book
Zara Boots
Tigers Candles
Brighton Card
Neals Yard
Palmers Cocoa butter

I hope you've enjoyed my April faves!
See you next week,
have a lovley weekend and
have a great May x
Loads of Love
Drew xx