Tuesday, 12 April 2016


As I've said many times before I'm one of those people that just loves to be on the move all the time... I love traveling! Even if it isn't going far, I just love the feeling of being on the move. Even Just the feeling of getting in the Car on the island and driving to the beach and knowing that you're going somewhere new for the day, even-though I've been there oh so many times before.

So this weekend.. Well not really the weekend (I kinda had a early weekend as I was working all weekend). On Thursday I left the rainy boring and dull Isle of Wight (just joking I love my little Island) and got on the boat, then the train to LONDON!
 I LOVE TRAINS.... Such a big kid I know but everyone keeps telling me to stay little, so I guess that's what I'm doing.

Anyone who doesn't live on the Island always wonders why I get so excited to leave even if I'm only going to like Southampton or London. Well I'll explain it for you now, living on the Island is beautiful, you're surrounded by the sea and have lovely little villages and amazing walks but that's about it really. Living on the Island is very isolated, which  has good and bad qualities but I can't wait to move away and then come back for holidays and so I can really truly appreciate the Island.

So my little adventure started off in Portsmouth, where we got off the boat and on to the train. My little adventure crew was Rachael, India and Charlotte.

Everyone loves a little face swap selfie :)

My trip to london was mainly for one purpose only and that was to go to the O2 and see 5 SECONDS OF SUMMER and it was so totally worth it! Those boys sure know how to put on a great show.

Rachael and I where so proud of ourselves for surviving the trains, the underground, the crowds and for calling and getting in the taxi for the first time on our own. I'm mean if we can do that we can do anything.... Right??


After surviving the trip back to Crawley from the O2 it was now time to get ready and go tooooo BRIGHTON........
OMG when my cousin said the words 'do you want to go to Brighton tomorrow?' I don't think I've ever answered so quick in my whole life.

The whole 27 mins on the train there I was silent but I had the world's largest smile on my face because I was just so excited.  I just couldn't wait to go into all those vintage stores and just smell the air of old clothes. AHHHH I love vintage stores and Brighton lived up to my expectations and more of what they would be like.
I love vintage stores cause it allows old and unwanted vintage closes or items to carry on telling there stories.

and of course I went into the Neals Yard shop which smelt heavenly, I have no clue how I didn't spend all my money in there.

 Of course we tried out the photo booth but big head Blackley in the front AKA me took up most of the photo haha.

A few days ago I was watching one of Alfie Deyes vlogs and I saw that he stopped at this flower shop in the train station, at the same one I bought my Cousin some flowers at and not even going to lie to you I fan girled a little bit..... okay.., okay a lot!

Hope you enjoyed this post.
Sorry I hadn't posted in a while, I've just had so much college work
and have just got a new Job but any way I'm going to try my 
best to get back at it!
Loads of Love  
Drew xxx