Friday, 25 March 2016

Happy Easter...

Hello.. Hello guys!
Guess what.. it is Easter in a few days? Can you believe it? cause I can't, Easter already, it literally feels like Christmas was last month....
Any way have you noticed that the sun does exist and so do Daffodils, which if you didn't know are one of my all time favourite flowers because they remind of new life and forgiveness and the that hot weather is finally on its way.

Chocolate shaped rabbits have been grinning at me from shop windows! which is why this blog post is all about an easy Easter gift idea that I am defo going to be using this year.

Also one last thing is if you didn't already get the hint.... SPRING IS HERE!!!

Now lets get on with the Easter treats........ Yummy chocolate!

Firstly you are going to need....
Glass Jars (as big or as little as you like depending on how many chocolates you want to give)
Tissue paper (for wrapping and for putting in the bottom of your jar)
3 creme eggs or how many you want
4-6 bags of mini eggs or mini easter eggs of your choice
Some string or ribbon
 Now lets get on with the fun stuff......

Firstly you going to need to line the bottom of your jars with some tissue paper. I did this as it gives your jar a bit more of a sophisticated look and also helps to make your jar look more full so you won't need as many eggs.

Next you will need to place one large ish egg in the bottom of your jar (well on top of the tissue paper) then cover with mini eggs.

Do the same again with the last two large ish creme eggs and then cover them with the mini eggs of your choice.

Once finished place the lid on your jar quickly so you aren't tempted to eat to many of those Eggs before you give them out to your friends or family, as I can tell you I did eat one or two little eggs :).

Finally wrap your jar in the left over tissue paper and tie the ribbon of your choice around the jar to give it more of pretty look. And there you have it a quick, easy and cheap Easter gift, that is better than just buying a plain old egg and shows the person you have put some thought in to it even if it did only take your 5-10 mins. Its the thought that counts.

Happy Easter guys and girls
 I hope you have a lovely weekend with family and friends where ever you are
and if you don't celebrate easter, just enjoy eating loads of chocolate.
Loads of love Drew, Drewella what ever name you have for me hehehe