Friday, 18 March 2016

Neal's Yard Remedies haul...

Happy Friday...
How lucky are you guys 2 blog post in 1 week! What has happened too me I'm organized for once....

 Welcome to my Neal's Yard Haul...
For those of you that don't know what Neal's Yard is or aren't to sure about what they do or there ethics behind there products I'm just going to give you a little background knowledge.
"Organic health and beauty is there passion. They're on a mission to transform people's lives and protect the environment by encouraging a more natural and holistic way of living."
For Information go to Neal's yard link
 Facial skin care:
Firstly I'm going to start it off with Skin care-
Our skin is forever changing, so many factors effect our skin on a daily bases from pollution, the weather, stress and even the food we eat. So don't be afraid if you skin type doesn't stay the same forever because our skin goes through so much. Being the largest organ of the body we need to take our time to look after our skin and I found the perfect way to do that is by going all natural and all organic and the answer is NEAL'S YARD.
Benefits from- Rehydrating rose toner
*Leaves skin feeling beautifully refreshed
*Helps prepare your skin to better absorb moisturisers
*Also contains balancing damask rose oil
This toner has worked wonders on my skin, my skin has never been so clear apart the hormonal days of the month but thats just normal for a teenage girl. Putting this on after my bath or shower really refreshes and brightens up my skin. LOVE IT!

Benefits for- Orange flower facial wash.
*Effortlessly lifts away grime and make-up
*Leaves skin feeling soft and fresh
*With soothing calendula and aloe vera
This facial wash has been a life saver the last few months with the cold weather and the wind has made my skin so dry and dehydrated, From using this cleanser and the rose toner my skin has been rehydrated and has never felt so fresh. Highly recommend this cleanser to anyone who suffers from dry skin. It's a must...
Organic eye make up remove.
when I first saw this I thought how can eye make up remove be organic, I just couldn't get my head round it. But since using this eye make up remover I've noticed how gentle it has been on my skin and how I hardly need any to remove make up from round my eyes. (but it stings like hell if you get it in your eye, but of course how gets it in there eye any way not me hehe).

Now where to start with the rose beauty balm, this has so many amazing properties but sadly my skin just doesn't agree with it :( I believe it is because I'm so sensitive but I'm definitely going to try it out again because I just love it. And it smells amazing.
*multi purpose beauty must have
*cleanses, exfoliates, moisturises and I even found it really lovely to put on before my make up, I found that my make up seemed to stay on for much longer.

White tea facial mist is what I call (insert Miranda's mum haha) life saver in a bottle. For those hot summer days;which we get all the time in the UK, it is great to spritz all over the face for instant hydration and to freshen up the skin. I'm definitely going to be taking this too Australia with me for that long flight and the hot sunny days to freshen up my skin. Its also great because you can even do it over make up.

This one is new so I haven't tired it yet but I've heard its amazing.
*Purifies for a clearer complexion
*Decongests, Ideal for blemish prone skin
*Perfect for on the go blemish control.
Sounds amazing to me, can't wait to try it out.

Sadly all of my mineral powder foundation has ran out, I'm so sad because it has been  amazing on my skin and has been great for touching up my oily T-zone. A new one is going to be ordered this week for sure. 
*light and buildable for silky soft beautiful skin.
*it is also enhanced with beautiful skin nourishing organic oils.

Mineral bronzer.
This bronzer is absolutely beautiful, it is so easy to apply to the skin and gives an effortless effect. 
*a sun kissed glow
*long lasting nourishing coverage.

Bath and Body

Geranium and orange hand wash is beautiful not like anything I've used before leaves hands feeling beautiful and soft. 
 This is my new bath and shower gel, as I've previously used Aromatic foaming bath which was too die for. My skin felt so soft and conditioned after my bath. I thought why not try a different one, so I can see which one will be my favorite in the end.

I love essential oils.
I have quite a few so I just picked out my two favourites the Lavender for relaxing and the Lemon which is great for cleansing .
I love to put drops of these in my bath or add them to grapeseed oil when doing massage. I love how each and every essential oil has a different form of healing properties. Just blows me away. 
Love them.

Have a great weekend.
Enjoy Shopping at Neal's yard.
Loads of love
Drew xx