Saturday, 14 February 2015

Happy valentines day....

So today's the day... It's valentines day! 
As I have no one to share this day with I decided to do some sorting out with my shoes because I have so many pairs, not to many because a girl can never have to many pairs. 
So I thought I would show you my 8 favourite pairs (it was hard to choose) 
First pair: These cute little shoes are from topshop, they took there time to wear in but now they are as comfy as anything. 
My second pair are my Chelsea boots which are also from Toshop. I got these last Christmas in the topshop winter sale and they are so comfy and have lasted well. 
My third pair are my brown brogues from Clarks. These are so comfy and go so well with everything. I also have these in black.
Fourth is my second pair of black boots from topshop. These boots are super cute and can make any casual outfit look smart.
In fifth is my scruffy looking dessert boots from topshop which are the most comfiest pair of shoes ever. Everyone needs a pair of dessert boots.

In sixth is my shiny doc marten shoes. I found these when I was looking for things to wear for sixth form and just had to buy them, it would of been rude not to. 

Seventh is my red or dead sandels, these shoes are one of my all time favourite pairs of shoes because they go with everything and because of the chunky sole they make me look taller! Which of course is an added bonus. 

Finally in eighth is my newest pair of shoes my fluffy doc marten boots which I got for Christmas. These have been great for the cold winter days we've had this year because there so toasty and warm.